About Raisingrascal.com and Me

Hi, I'm Sue and I'm a dog lover!

Actually I've always been a dog lover, and I can't remember a time when there wasn't at least one dog in our home (not to mention assorted rabbits, cats, guinea pigs and birds).

My mom made sure that my sister and I helped with the family pets and taking care of them never seemed like a chore.

I loved playing with our dogs, grooming them, feeding them, walking them, even cleaning up after them!

Yep, perhaps I was a strange child :)

The feel of a warm body curled up on my bed, the gentleness of a pink tongue licking tears (or ice cream) off my face, the feeling of flying across the grass as we raced each other home, the sight of a big grin and a wagging tail waiting for me when I got home from school.... 

All wonderful memories that still give me a warm feeling inside.

Once A Dog Lover Always A Dog Lover!

When I first left home I couldn't afford a rental that allowed, or had space for, a dog. So I had a cat (or two), but it wasn't quite the same, but ten years later we finally added a gorgeous German Shepherd pup to our family and she made it complete.

In the years (okay, decades, sigh!) since then I've owned, raised and trained pups of all shapes and sizes, and my children have my dog-loving genes and between us we now have 11 dogs.

Thank heavens I only have 2 kids still at home, because it would be pretty crowded here otherwise!

Just for fun I put together a small collage of a few of our dogs over the years......

Family collage of photos of dogs and their owners

Some of them have since gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but they'll always be a part of our family's tapestry of memories and have forever places in our hearts.

Fast Forward To Today.....

Having raised both kids and dogs, I can honestly say that taking care of a puppy is a lot like taking care of a baby!

Labrador Retriever puppy being carried by boy owner

There are sleepless nights, potty training, bad behavior and sometimes they can test your patience to the limits.... but the rewards are worth every second of worry or stress.

There are kisses, hugs, games and trips, unconditional love and the joy of watching your 'little one' grow and learn. 

But, puppies aren't toys, they're real, live, thinking, breathing, sensitive little creatures who have very specific needs.

If you're a new owner who has no experience of puppy care, it's easy to get confused, frustrated or worried about the little ball of fur in your lap.

Puppies don't come with a User Manual, so I decided to create one for you :)

The first year of your puppy's life is hugely important, and the first six months are critical.

Everything he learns during this period will affect the type of adult dog he'll grow up to be... and it's all in your hands - no pressure!

But don't worry, I've learned a LOT from my dogs and made my fair share of mistakes, so I'd love to help you avoid making as many of them as I possibly can. 

I can help you understand how your little Rascal grows and develops from month to month and what he needs from you every step of the way.

You'll find tried and tested tips and advice on all the 'biggies' like housebreaking, vaccinations, behavior problems, grooming plus all the little niggling worries and concerns that every new puppy owner deals with at one time or another.

Hopefully it will all make the next few months a lot more fun for both of you!

This site is a labor of love and I hope you've enjoyed learning a little about me and why I created it.

So now I'll stop blathering on and would just like to say 'Thanks' for visiting, and to wish you tons of fun and happiness with your new pup.

Enjoy every minute of it and good luck!

The information on this website comes from decades of hands-on experience owning, raising, training and caring for puppies and dogs of all ages, and a wide variety of breeds/sizes.

In addition to my personal experience (and honestly, that is worth it's weight in gold), every article is thoroughly researched and fact-checked before it ever appears on this site.

Dog tested, dog approved. Enjoy.

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