Puppy Care Guide

Proper puppy care is so important because it's the foundation for a healthy, happy, friendly and confident adult dog.

As a new puppy owner you're about to experience an exhilarating, and exhausting, mix of emotions! Excitement, love and joy will exist right alongside worry, frustration and doubt.

Raising your little Rascal won't necessarily be easy, but it will be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life!

You can give your puppy the best possible chance of enjoying a long, active and healthy life by making sure that he gets what he needs physically, emotionally and socially during puppyhood.

These simple steps can help:

  • Feed a healthy puppy food,
  • Use only positive, rewards-based training methods
  • Understand his unique personality and breed traits
  • Consider using natural products and remedies 
  • Reduce his exposure to chemicals and toxins
  • Give him a range of safe experiences and relationships
  • Provide a predictable daily routine and home-life
  • Surround him with love!
Chocolate Lab Puppy in grass. Complete Puppy Care Guide

Your Incredible New Puppy

You can't beat the feeling of bringing a new puppy into your life. It's so exciting, and totally magical!

Black and white French bulldog puppy in owner's arms

But once the magic wears off the realities of taking care of your new pup can become frustrating, confusing, even worrying at times.... and it often seems as though Rascal isn't the only one who's doing a lot of learning!

The good news is that taking care of your new puppy is much easier when you understand what he needs, why he needs it, and how to give it to him.

My website will help you:

  • Find the answers to common puppy care questions 
  • Learn about puppy health, diet, training etc.
  • Enjoy little Rascal more, and worry less, because you know you're giving him what he needs.

Practical Step-by-Step Guide To Puppy Care

Puppyhood is Short... Make Every Day Count

My love for dogs (of all ages, sizes and dispositions!) is the passion that drives this website, and I hope it will make caring for your new puppy a fun and worry-free experience.

It's a time of new beginnings, high hopes, love, laughter and cuddles - so don't forget to enjoy every minute of your Rascal's puppy-hood while you can. He'll be a big boy in no time at all. 

And remember, if you 'get it right' during this first year your little guy will grow up to be a confident, friendly, well-adjusted dog that you can take anywhere... one you're proud to call your best friend.

Good luck on your puppy parenting adventure..... I just know it's going to be amazing!

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